If you care for an artificial tennis court or need to spread sand over the court to even it out, then a specialist broom is useful. While these brooms come in various sizes, most are oversized so that you can cover as much ground as possible with every sweep.

While a standard broom does the job, you may find it easier to buy a wheeled product if sweeping your court is a regular job. How do these brooms work and what are the benefits of using one?

What is a Wheeled Tennis Court Broom?

A wheeled broom is basically a metal frame that holds a set of wheels and a brush head. The frame's handle is usually set at around waist height. It attaches down to two front wheels; it then extends back into a bar on to which you bolt a brush head.

When you push the handle, the wheels move the frame. As this happens, the broom's head starts to sweep over the ground in front of you.

Why Use a Wheeled Tennis Court Broom?

A wheeled broom has some advantages. For a start, it mechanises a manual process. This helps you sweep your tennis court more efficiently and less stressfully.

When you push the broom's frame, you exert an even pressure. The wheels take over the broom's motion. So, rather than having to push a manual broom backwards and forwards, you can simply roll the broom over an area to spread sand, clear up leaves or give the grass a spruce-up.

The pressure you exert through the handle spreads evenly. So, you won't miss parts of the court because you weren't pushing down hard enough. You also won't damage areas by pushing down too hard.

This process is also easier on you. Pushing a broom back and forth takes work. You could end up with sore arms, shoulders and back. Tennis courts are big spaces to work on.

If you use a wheeled broom, you only have to push the frame. It, and the wheels, take on most of the work, and the broom sweeps across the court automatically. You'll put in far less effort to get better results.

Plus, depending on the configuration of the product, you may be able to change broom heads to work in different areas. So, you can use a large head for general sweeping and a smaller one for tighter or angled spaces.

To learn more about how wheeled tennis court brooms work, contact broom suppliers in your area.