Your indoor project will be a lot easier to accomplish with the help of a low-level scissor lift. This equipment can be easily manoeuvred and feature intrusive control which makes it easier to work at different heights comfortably.

Before you make a choice on the right low-lift scissor for your project, you may want to consider these few options.

The Right Working Height

Many contractors believe that a scissor lift is more reliable and convenient if it has a working height of more than 25 feet. What they do not understand is that many projects that use a low-level scissor lift are usually less than 20 feet.

Compared to other heavy equipment used at heights, the scissor lift features a low-step height. This is important for construction workers because it reduces fatigue caused by climbing. The chances of falling are also significantly reduced.

Some low-level scissor lifts feature a swing gate which makes it safe and easy to load the platform. The disadvantage of using oversized lifts is that you may end up endangering your life. If your working at height of 20 foot using a scissor lift of the same height you may end up creating a potential hazard. You can easily get distracted when looking down, which is a potential crush hazard.

Possibilities of Damage

The beauty with low-level lifts is that you are assured of minimal damage at a construction worksite. With features such as hydraulic systems and double front doors, your oil will hardly leak and end up damaging your floors.

The wheels play a huge role in spreading the weight of the lift, which end up reducing pressure on delicate surfaces. For instance, the counter-rotating wheels help to minimize any damages to floors because one side moves backwards while the other moves forward.

The Use of Platform Extensions

Low-level scissor lifts feature extended platforms that provide operators with more extra working space where they can fit tools and building materials. Such extensions are also important because workers can conveniently work over hindrances that may prevent the lift from functioning optimally.

If your scissor lift features an extension make sure you inspect its attachment to the equipment. This will help you avoid extra maintenance especially if the wheels on the equipment collect debris and end up getting jammed.

You may also want to consider the lift attachment from manufacturers whose platform extension feature c- clamps because it helps to prevent any chances of jamming.

For more information, contact a scissor lift hire service.