Need to perform a task that requires the use of a scissor lift? Scissor lifts are versatile types of equipment that can be used to reach jobs located in high places or lift heavy loads up to the desired height with a minimal footprint.

Because every job that involves working at heights is unique, there are different types of scissor lifts available for you to choose and rent. The best way to choose the right equipment for your project is to carefully assess your project needs.

Below are a few important things to take into account before hiring a scissor lift for your undertaking.

1. Lifting Height

A scissor lift can only reach the maximum height it is rated for. Before you hire one, determine how high off the ground you'll need to work and then find a machine that can reach that height without problems.

2. Lifting Capacity

In addition to your lift's height, you should also consider its lifting capacity. Figure out how many personnel you want to work from the platform simultaneously and which tools and materials they'll carry along.

Once you determine the maximum combined weight that your lift will have to support at any given time, choose a machine that can match that weight without compromising safety in the workplace.

3. Platform Size

Talking of personnel, you have to consider the platform size too. The platform of a scissor lift refers to the section where people work from. Lift manufacturers often specify how many people their machines can accommodate in one go. 

Pick your machine based on the number of people you want to use it simultaneously. 

4. Mobility

Do you plan to get work done from a fixed position or as you move? In terms of mobility, scissor lifts are available as mobile and fixed (immovable) units. If you need to work as you move, mobile models are an obvious choice, but if you'll be working from a fixed spot, immovable units will do.

5. Folded Height 

This is a special consideration that you may need to make if you'll be using your equipment in an enclosed building rather than out in the open. If you expect to move your lift through doors or other openings, make sure it will be compact enough to pass through the openings when folded.

Ultimately, the right scissor lift for you will depend on its intended use. If you're unsure about which machine is best for your needs, don't hesitate to consult an industry expert. Contact a company like Instant Scaffolding WA to learn more.