This article explores the benefits of hiring portable toilets. Read on to discover more!

1) Portable toilets are easy to transport

If you're having an event on your property (such as a family party), portable toilets make a great solution for guests and family members. They're easy to transport to the location, and they are often small enough to fit into a vehicle or attached to trailers for ease of unloading and positioning. Portable toilets are easy to move around, meaning they can be placed wherever needed. You may use them as separate units near dance tents, food areas and bars at outdoor parties or keep them together in one spot away from guests if required.

2) Portable toilets make outdoor events flow more smoothly

No one wants queues forming at events!  Supplementing existing toilets with portable ones will help ensure you have adequate capacity. This means that guests won't have to queue for long periods whenever they wish to use the toilet. 

3) Portable toilets are environmentally friendly

It's important to think about the environmental impact of using traditional flush toilets during your event; they require water to be flushed, which can hurt the environment. By hiring instead of hiring portable toilets that use much less water, you're making an environmentally-friendly choice that has long-term benefits for everyone.

4) Portable toilets are easy to service and maintain

Who doesn't love the idea of hiring something that's ready-to-use straight away? You can simply pick up your portables from their supplier or meeting point and use them immediately. There's no need for setting them up at your venue! Staff will usually clean the units before the delivery, making sure everything is in top condition before unloading. Many providers also offer servicing packages so you don't need to worry about cleaning duties after your event; maintenance services include servicing of waste tanks and routine emptying of waste, which helps keep the toilets smelling fresh and hygienic throughout their lifespan.

5) Portable toilets are available in multiple sizes and designs

Offering a variety of toilet types and styles will help you cater to all guests at your event. You can choose from single units that provide individual privacy or rent multiple units in varying sizes to accommodate groups of people. Portables come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs, so they're sure to fit into the aesthetics of any location.

If you'd like to find out more, you should contact a local portable toilet hire company today. A member of the team will be happy to help.