Hiring portable toilets is a must on any construction site, especially if the project is likely to be a long one. However, you need to take time to make sure you are choosing the right ones. Here are some things you will need to think about before hiring portable toilets.


This is the most important point. The Australian Codes of Practice cover all aspects of portable toilet hire, to ensure that they are a hygienic and sufficient solution for your needs. The rules cover everything from the size of the toilets and the number you will need, to the particular amenities with which each unit must be fitted. Anything that doesn't meet these regulations will not reach a high enough standard for your workers. Don't be tempted to cut corners — it is vital that people have adequate sanitary facilities.


This is another important issue. The regulations will specify a minimum number of toilets that must be provided for a certain number of people. You need to ensure that you can obtain enough units for the workers that you have on-site and that they will be available for a long enough period of time. Bear in mind that construction projects may over-run, so you may need to hire the toilets for longer than expected.


You also need to be clear about who will be responsible for pumping out the waste containers in the toilets. This is not such an important issue for a short-term hire, but if your construction project may run for some time, you will need to arrange to have them emptied regularly. Many providers will include this service as standard, but others will charge extra for it, so make sure you know in advance how this will be arranged and how often it will need to take place.


Finally, you will need to consider if you need accessible units. If they are to be used by the public, you will be obliged to provide accessible toilets. Even if they will only be used by your own workforce, you should think carefully about their needs and whether accessible toilets would be helpful. Remember that other people may join your workforce during the project who may have different access needs.

Make sure you take time to consider your needs before hiring portable toilets for your construction project. Your workforce will then not have to worry about unhygienic or unsanitary conditions.

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